Wednesday, August 02, 2006

tips on living with the bipolar female

here's the rest of that missing comic series from last month:
marlena's mutterings "disaster
ahh help, anxious negative, oh no. i can't, ahhh problem catastrophe issue. help never. oh no. depressed confused talk worry blah blah blah"

"breath! ahhhh"

the 3 b's: beer, bed, breath= buddha nature and uncanny ability to stay mellow and relaxed while living with bipolar female home sapiens...

and that'ssss all for now, folks. stay tuned for more... arf arf!

elvis' words of wisdom...

ok, we just noticed a big mistake as we went back and wrote in the captions for the first comic strips in case they were hard to read...
back when elvis said, the key to living with a bipolar woman was the letter 'b'. the next two pages somehow did not get published, so here they are from last month, words of wisdom from wise elvis:

"three b's
see next post for the last one...

on the importance of head rubs

august 2: the daily catastrophe

"hi! we're in a better mood today! oh i love a good head rub!"

"you just can't expect me to move when i'm getting a good head rub. you humans look too far for happiness. it's right here right now."
"he's right."

by the way, in yesterday's comic, second frame, upper right hand corner i'm saying something important:
"and leave the air conditioner on when you go out!" you wouldn't believe how many dogs out there in the heat told me their owners neglected to leave the air conditioner on! don't forget we have fur/hair all over our bodies!!! use your heads, you guys are supposed to have much bigger brains than us, but sometimes i wonder what is in all that skull area...

more tips from elvis

august 1, 2006: the daily catastrophe
"oof! so tired! well, my fourteenth birthday was on friday, but i was feeling worn out and tired in the afternoon and too excited and frisky in the evening to report in on things..."
"lap, lap!"
"make sure your dog has enough water in this heat. today was a bad day. we found out we're NOT pregnant. shitty news."