Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy dad's day

today was our first father's day with the baby.
it was a great day for th emost part except the beginning when i was a bit cranky and we argued about stupid stuff. but i used the change the subject and put it behind you technique and ignore what just got interchanged and it worked.
we spent the whole day just us with baby and dog when at home. we went for a long walk so we didnt take doggie.
he got a haircut last weekend which was great, just in time for the heatwave. he's all shaved looking which makes him look much younger to me...

it's so hard to keep up with blogging with having a baby... i just checked one of my email accounts that i never check and had to start erasing bout 1000 junk emails! my email box that i c heck daily is overloaded with 500 emails, most read but not cleaned out.
impossible to keep up with anything.
but i'm happy to say i got a new cellphoen that i love.i can now do videos of the baby which i couldnt do before.
i had this old phone that i dropped about a hundred times and denzel kept putting back together for me. then it totally died two or three days before i was due for a free phone.
anyway i'm taking good care of the new phone. it's fun to have camera and video and it looks much cooler htan the old one. it's an lg nv2. anyway, i'm not much of a technology person. for a long time the seven on my phone hardly worked so i had to spell people's names wrong when i added them and it was hard to delete messages with the seven button.

very sad about tim russert's death. unfortunately we had the tv on to cnbc all weekend so now i'm sick to death of his story as i have heard all the anecdotes and every tribute at least once. it seemed like the folks at nbc had to spend the day on the air talking about him to lessen the blow and shock which is understandable. but i think i overdosed on it.

anyway the baby is big and beautiful. we took her out to a party yesterday afternoon and she wowed everyone.
happy father's day to all the dads out there!