Monday, December 25, 2006

special holiday post!

the daily catastrophe:
dec. 25, 2006
special xmas and hanukkah edition!

frame 1:
(smell of meat wafting from the kitchen, pot roast being cooked by denzel to take to xmas party)
elvis: sniff sniff! i smell meat cooking
(boring dog food)

frame 2: (little family portrait)
denzel, marlena, elvis: happy everything! thanks for reading the blog!

stay tuned for a special contest to be announced soon by elvis!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

a few words from elvis on his super sexual prowess...

the daily catastrophe:
december 17, 2006
(i suggest you click on the image to see important details in larger size...)
frame 1: hi everyone... i'm taking over the comic strip this week to respond to some queries regarding my sexuality... i am bisexual which means i am ambi-sexual and capable of pleasing the lady canines and the male canines...
(note my large penis which marlena has not been drawing)
(super butt sniffing nose)
(female dog larger than me)
super macho elvis

frame 2: i am very macho. i have an extremely large penis for my small size--it's bigger than a lot of big dogs' cocks. here i am taking on two dogs at the same time...
(petunia, girl poodle)
(prince israeli bichon frisee) (note his penis is smaller than mine)

Monday, December 11, 2006

elvis' update

the daily catastrophe...
12/10/06 continued

elvis says:
hi everyone, i had a good week. lots of walks. there's an israeli bichon frizee visiting in the building across the street. his name is prince. i'm in lust. the language barrier is overrated... can't wait to see/sniff him again... ahhh...

oh yeah, update on marlena: and as you can tell, the wellbutrin seems to be working. woof woof!!

happiness is a warm puppy

the daily catastrophe:
dec. 10, 2006

frame 1:
marlena: how can i mar the perfect communication of this frame with words?

frame 2: happiness is a warm puppy...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

a lovely day was had by all...

a lovely day was had by all...

the daily catastrophe: dec. 3, 2006

frame 1:
blissed out marlena:

frame 2:
that's denzel and i walking home from seeing the film "stranger than fiction"...i'm still high from the unusual feeling of seeing a certain kind of great movie. i haven't felt that way since 2004...
blissed out elvis:
what a great day. good walks and sniffing butts...