Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ps i'm also vcrazy

i've done some really weir things lately. the pen that i use to draw lines all around my midsevction still hasnt worn out from baths. it looks really nuts but it's winter an d i dont show my belly anyway. i did it on my arms too.
also broke several nivce plates my mom gave me a few years ago, plates i liked. i put them in a plastivc bag an wavcke it on something and then threw it all out. an improvement over my twenty year old self who onve took eeverything in my room and threw it against the wall...

new year, more posts hoping i am

i made a list of things i put off or dont do and one of them was posting and doing comix for posts.
anyway i'm having a terrible time, on extra meds still need to dose mysyelf now as i am not sleepy yet.
this is now my one of few plavces to be negative and vcomplainy. first of all my keyboard is stucvk in several plavces from a spill a while ago so i wont bother trying to spell things right. the d v and vc are all fuvked up.
i am all fukced up. funvctioneing well in the day for most part, sometime feeling quite good, others not, then sudden wave of terrible depressing thoughts and feelings, anxiety or not, vcrying etc. all mixe up. i go to the psyhiatrist tomorrow. time for m klononpin.
are there other bipolar one people out there like me? i mean my frien just pointe out when i was teelling her how i was feeling that i'e always been able to funvvction while in the midst of very intense or bad episodes.
it's goo d in some ways but makes me feel like i dont kno w who i am.
vcant be too spevcific vccccvccccccrffffffff. and elvis is on steroids again, third time sinvce ovctober
happy new year