Tuesday, November 28, 2006

important newsflash about the blog!!!

the daily catastrophe: nov. 28, 2006

frame 1:
it's tues. nov. 28, 2006. wow! marlena is doing an extra blog entry. instead of the usual once a week entry. how unusual. i'm partly feeling overwhelmed from my day and seem to need to communicate...
(note, marlena's state of mind is causing her to refer to herself in the third person and then first person, which reflects her tendency to constantly observe herself and comment on herself to herself in her mind. really, i do that a lot, it's partly what makes me so overwhelmed. i overwhelm herself...)
in the box next to her head: overwhelmed marlena

frame 2:
marlena: actually, i want to make an exciting announcement about this comic strip. thanks to mo's comment: newsflash, you can see this comic in big size just by clicking on it!!
elvis: hey! try it now!!

(and try going back to other posts to see marlena's original clumsy awkward inept drawing style.)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

is it PMS...????!!!!

the daily catastrophe:
nov. 26, 2006

frame 1:
marlena: sneeze, cough cough. i survived the holidays and now i'm sick
elvis: zzzz

this was yesterday all day.

frame 2:
and today...
marlena: anxiety and anxiety about being anxious. i'll take a seroquel...
is this the wellbutrin. should i stop taking it? is it working?
maybe it's pms
denzel (off frame): it's pms, dear.
elvis: she felt much better tonight.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

important update about elvis!

where is elvis this week?
comic strip for this week is in entry below... please check it out!
just to let you know, elvis is annoyed at having a grooming/haircut and his first bath in a few years all in the space of a few days and is boycotting this week, but i'm sure he'll be back next week... the bath was the fastest in history; he almost managed to escape by climbing out of the bathtub, adrenaline pumping, but did manage to cut the bath short!

holidays mixed state hell...

the daily catastrophe: nov. 19, 2006
frame 1:
marlena caught in the netherworld of emptiness and her tricky mind
(under her head: "mixed state")
marlena: i'm anxious, hyped up and depressed, dreading the holiday. we're having 14 adult people plus children people over to our place on thanksgiving.
frame 2:
(under her head) mixed state wellbutrin still not kicking in)
marlena: holidays were invented to torture people... i'm so freaked out i can't make this entry visually interesting...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

catastrophe wrought by gynecology...

the daily catastrophe:
nov. 12, 2006
elvis: "marlena had a gynecologist check up appointment on the 9th. she's about as enthusiastic about going to doctors as i am about the vet...
here's what she looked like before going to the appointment"
marlena: "the wellbutrin isnt working yet"

and after the appointment:
marlena: "denzel?! (neurotic catastrophizing!!!!!!!! plus angst and crazy babble and crying hysterically*"
*in reality there was no bad news except needing to come back in another 3 months if she wasn't pregnant by then...
elvis (lower right hand corner below frame): "by the way she usually goes nuts after these appointments..."

marlena's 3 states of mind...

nov. 11, 2006:
the daily catastrophe

"in which marlena decides to introduce her 3 most common States of Mind..."

"depressed marlena
anxious marlena
manic marlena"

Saturday, November 04, 2006

back on wellbutrin

Back on Wellbutrin:

"hi folks! as you can see, marlena's taking wellbutrin again after 8 months off it..."

"so we're not pregnant. she just took me to the vet for a liver blood test. i tried to fight off the nurse and needle but to no avail. the bastards pierced me twice. so that's the news of this week."