Tuesday, January 30, 2007

better late than never...

Monday, January 22, 2007

a new habit recommended by elvis! fun!

hi everyone! thanks so much for the supportive comments on the last pathetic post! they made my week.

elvis did not want to be associated with my self-pitying pathos, and he is back for this week's post and felt that my head was better left off the page as everyone has had enough of the craziness inside it, plus you saw it big in last week's second frame.

so here from elvis more important things to spend one's time thinking about and doing. he recommends everyone try his old, tried and true habit that he continues to delight in after years of repetitive slurping! enjoy and let us know what you tried licking and how the experience was for you...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Color!!! What inspired this crazyness???

ok. wow! three comic strips in a matter of a few days! what's going on with me?
i'll tell you what's going on. i went off wellbutrin and i'm feeling super insecure and down and like a total loser now that i missed last sunday's self-imposed posting deadline and nobody's visiting and reading my blog. nobody likes me, everybody hates me, i think i'll eat a worm...

so i thought i'd add some color to attract people. i'm the baby of the family, youngest of four, and used to getting attention so it's hard for me to feel so undeserving and unpopular. i rack my brains, was it the porn name contest? was that a sick thing to do even as a joke and did it turn people off my blog? perhaps i just suck.
anyway i'm still trying to see if anyone does read this if it is ok to just click on the image and read my hadnwriting to read the comix, rather than my typing up all the dialogue...
boo hoo. my pathetic self is going to go visit other people's blogs and try to figure out why mine is so unpopular and doomed to failure. self pity party today, that's me...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

we're back! don't give up on us!

the daily catastrophe is back!
sorry folks, i've been lazy and disorganized, no good excuses but i made two comix for this week's post to make up for it. thanks to all who read last week and contributed to the contest. results will be announced soon. if you have ideas to contribute, there's still time!

click on each image to see it enlarged and read the comic strip. i've gotten lazy and thought i'd try seeing if people can read my handwriting if they click on the image, so i don't have to spend extra time typing out the words. this will give me extra time to draw more comic strips.

oh i forgot to put in the comic strip, i missed my psychiatrist appointment on jan. 2 because i forgot to add it to my new daily calendar for 2007. now you get a full picture of how disorganized and out of it i can be... i'll have to pay for the appointment as i did not realize i'd forgotten until the next day!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year, hello 2007!

hi. i am posting 2 comix today despite feeling depressed and tired and unmotivated!

the daily catastrophe
first comic strip of 2007
jan. 1, 2007

frame 1:
marlena: hi all! happy new year! this year i have made no resolutions.
elvis; she drew me too fat and misshapen here.

frame 2:
marlena (off frame): by makig no resolutions i avoid disappointing myself and wallowing in self-criticism
elvis: better. captures my puppylike good looks.

second comic strip of 2007!
jan. 1, 2007

frame 1:
ok. the suspense is over! announcing our first official competition...
elvis: a few posts ago, mo suggested a competition to come up with a porn name for me, elvis!
great idea, mo, though i will not do a film!
below frame:
elvis: as you know, a porn star name should capture my adorable super canine sex appeal...

frame 2:
marlena: as you know marlena rivers is knd of like a porn name though it is not my middle name followed by the st. i grew up on... (the usual formula for figuring out your porn star name, fyi or you can use the name of your first pet as the last name)
anyway, write in your ideas, in 'comments' and we'll decide on a winner!

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