Saturday, September 22, 2007

introducing the new post baby comic strip!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Here!

just a quick post to let everyone who's been reading my blog and so supportive in on the wonderful news!
our baby girl arrived last week. she's doing well and we're finally home from the hospital.
i'll post soon as the hospital was quite intense and traumatic for me and i think other people with bipolar would understand.

i also intend to make some comic strips about breast feeding adn other post partem experiences as it's been quite a trip!

we love our daughter. we're completely smitten and enjoy staring at her for hours on end.

not sleeping much but feeling ok so far. c sections have their good side but there is still pain and denzel is doing most of elvis' walks. elvis happy to be home and happy to see me at home so much. so far he isn't much interested in baby...

too tired to write more. but very very happy! and feeling good about being a mommy, just very grateful for our beautiful baby. still marveling at how she got here and feel extremely blessed and blissed...